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Welcome to TIMS MARINE online
  Marine Product Manufacturers
Like many industries over the last year and a half, the marine industry is experiencing some unprecedented challenges.  Manufacturers of boats, engines, and trailers can not meet the retail demand of consumers in regards to the products they both want and need.  Their struggles to secure the necessary components through supply chain vendors has continued, thus reducing the volume of available products being manufactured and available to dealerships.  These deceases in the capacity to produce finished products has created a situation for dealers to be "allocated" a limited number of determined units over the next 12 months.  Manufacturer's forecasts are still 18-24 months out before dealers might see increases to production that will allow for showrooms to start filling back up.
Our advice to potential purchasers of products for the upcoming 2022 Spring/Summer season is to take the time now to seek out more information from us as it relates to availability of those allocated incoming orders.  Committments to purchase incoming future inventory shipments has steadily picked up; with some incoming units having already been pre-sold.
TIM'S MARINE, LLC will make every attempt to add and update our website as it relates to what our incoming allocated orders are; as well as the exact status as to whether that incoming inventory has been pre-sold or not.  
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